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Happy Pride Month!

We need to protect LGBTQ+ persons in this country. Now is the time for visibility and support. There are so many amazing poets to read this month who identify as LGBTQ+ and I encourage you to read them and learn about their experiences and share their creative work. A few great LGBTQ+ poets (and this is an incomplete list, obviously): Eileen Myles, Danez Smith, Sappho, Saeed Jones, Adrienne Rich, Savannah Brown, Audre Lorde, … Just to name a few for you to check out!

Here’s a poem from Saeed Jones:

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April 30, onward into poetry! Alas, poetry month comes to a close, and so do my daily writings. It’s been incredible to share different moments of poetry with you, and to be mindful of how poetry can enter each day. As the marathon posting comes to a close, I think of the good stuff we have to look forward to: summer readings and releases, time (for me) to work on manuscripts and next projects, (northern hemisphere) warm weather and sunshine. Each of these posts have included something near to my heart as both a writer and as a person and I hope that I have enriched your days with what I have shared, whether that’s turning you on to a new writer, reminding you to appreciate something in your life, or simply giving you a moment to yourself inspired by poetry. Let’s continue to appreciate great writing and the poetry of our everyday lives. Happy national poetry month, everyone! See you in May.

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April 28, inspiring quote. Ok, so is it cheating not to pick a poetry quote for poetry month? No! I say anything can inspire a poet, including the great Kurt Vonnegut in his opening lines of Slaughterhouse Five. This line is the maxim of a poet. We approximate towards meaning, some embracing music some embracing trauma, all of us bringing our life and the wide life of the world into our work. All this happens, more or less.

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April 26, ekphrastic. This type of poetry is some of the first that I ever appreciated and wrote on my own. Back in my undergrad, my poetry mentor and professor introduced me to Anne Sexton and her collection TRANSFORMATIONS as well as the poem below. I adored the idea of taking something well known, like artwork, and using it for poems. Ekphrastic asks the writer to look deeper and even beyond the edges of the frame, to incorporate what they see and what they feel as the artwork comes to life before them. Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters and his style of artwork always felt poetic to me, seeing the world through a slightly distorted and disorienting lens. I will always love his artwork Starry Night and I think this poem by Anne Sexton pulls so much from the work. They should always be placed together.

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Favorite Word

April 25, favorite word right now. If you’ve read my poetry, you know this word needs no introduction…

But really, space is fascinating and I cannot contain my enthusiasm for it! Just the incredible, primordial expanse of the “place” and the fact that all of us are made of stars. We come from the ancient parts of the universe and it’s in us. Our brain scans look like nebulas. Our the neurons in our nervous system are supernovae. I cannot stop thinking about space.

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April 24, hybrid. I love a good prose poem. I also love the ancient chimeras of myth and the cryptids of American folklore. Ohio’s got three of them! Hybrids are beautiful and strange, like their animal/human counterparts. We have interchangeable names for the poetry/fiction/nonfiction chimera and all relate to the lovely word prose. The beautiful block of language that funnels meaning into us as we read, as we are surprised to read something unexpected. Sharing my favorites here.

Ligozzi, Chimera sketch.
Christopher Citro, The Little Book of Monsters
Claudia Rankine, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Heather Christle, The Crying Book
Molly Fuller, For Girls Forged by Lightning