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National Poetry Month: Aubade

Happy earth day! Let’s talk aubade.

Also known as the dawn song, the aubade greets the morning with joy and grieves the loss of the night. It flows from the darkness into the brightness of dawn, remembering the togetherness of night between lovers.

The poem comes from as earliest as the twelfth century, but the dawn song transcends borders and can be found in many cultures.

Two great examples of aubade are “The Sun Rising” by John Donne and Emily Skaja‚Äôs “Aubade with Attention to Pathos“.

When you write an aubade, pay attention to the theme of passing from night to sunrise, and know that you don’t have to use the parting of lovers, just as Philip Larkin chose not to in his poem “Aubade.”

national poetry month, poetry

My Sonnet for Poetry Month

Bright cold sun of April, the northwest winds

whipping your cheeks red and spreading

the first of the season’s pollen. Shock of yellow

Daffodils holding on through sleet and snow cover

reminders of the coming warmth. You pick handfuls

of stems and spread them on the concrete

leaving trails of green against the composite

like the slick a snail leaves behind.

I love you in your discovery. This new world

you find, this bright cold place you embrace

as only a child could. The sky opens blue

and streaks with robins and you pierce

the noisy silence with your laughter. A temporary

moment I will hold onto forever.