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National Poetry Month 2020

We need poems and poets now more than ever. If ever a group of humans existed who could see the world through a broken lens, a skewed lens, a rosy lens, it is poets. I am so glad I can speak about the world and read what truths other poets have gifted us.

Thank you, poetry. Thank you, poets. Thank you, world.

I am featured in Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Read+Write 30 days of poetry (on April 10). Please follow the link below to find the poems and maybe even sign up to receive them in your inbox.


30 Days of Poetry

1 – The Fool

2 – Satellites in Orbit

3 – The Letter “E” appears in odd numbers. You cannot use the letter “E”.

4 – “I used to be a roller coaster girl” jessica Care moore

5 – Write the moment you decide to cut a corner.

6 – Kigo – write a haiku

7 – Write the senses – we have 5, is there a 6th? Your scene: the backyard of your childhood home.

8 – Rest. In music, in bed, in the space of a poem.

9 – Your poem is a gift, wrap it in colorful paper, bows, confetti. What’s inside? Tell us.

10 – This algae bloom.

11 – On this day, Napoleon abdicated, 1814. You can find more here. Connect your words with something that happened on this day.

12 – Orange, Clover, Exile, Patent, Freeze

13 – Listen to your favorite song until you cannot hear the melody anymore, until the words are meaningless. Then, write a poem about that experience.

14 – Choose an Emily Dickinson poem and use her syntax to create something new. Use the same parts of speech that she does, but change the words. So, “Banish Air from Air” becomes “Burn face to face.”

15 – Write about Margaret Keane.

16 – Write a sonnet.

17 – Silence. It has a sound, a feeling, a space. I want to know about it. Tell me about your silence.

18 – Visit the Smithsonian’s website for the National Portrait Gallery. Find a face and write their poem.

19 – Write a crocus, snowbell, daffodil, or lilac poem.

20 – Columbine was 20 years ago. Google the shooting and write your thoughts. Don’t approach this as a poem, more like a meditation.

21 – Write about the color green.

22 – 22 lines about anything.

23 – Listen to Clair de Lune and tell me what it’s really about.

24 – Write a poem in another language… Like the language of food, of music, of car maintenance.

25 – Write an Ode.

26 – I can never write comedy. So now we all have to. Watch a couple of YouTube videos of your favorite comic and write a poem in their voice.

27 – Read an animal poem. Pick your least favorite animal and write something for it. Think The Tyger or The Walrus and the Carpenter.

28 – Embrace symmetry and write a square poem.

29 – Write about Mondays.

30 – Serenade April, National Poetry Month. 🌠


Happy National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!

Our Ohio April rang in with snow still on the ground, but that doesn’t stop me from being so grateful for this month! Not only does it bring in spring flowers and bright colors, but we get to talk about poetry! Just like last year I will be completing a prompt-a-day to commemorate April 2019, and I will share my prompts/inspirations with you in another post. So keep coming back to stay updated!

National Poetry Month Poster 2019
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National Poetry Month

I have undertaken the #napomo challenge of writing a poem a day for the whole month of April. I will be updating this post with my prompts/inspirations for each day. Follow along if you like!

April – National Poetry Month – Poem-A-Day Challenge

1 – Serqet, Egyptian goddess of Scorpions & crater on Ganymede

2 – “Agatha” by Dorothea Lasky & two children running around my apartment’s pool

3 – Stumbled upon a list of American English Proverbs & wrote on a few

4 – “Aries” Mug by Jack Dadd for Dunoon and Astrology

5 – Jupiter’s South Pole

6 – Greta Wrolstad’s poem “This One Is About Pain” tweeted by sam sax & a memory of being catcalled on my way to return library books

7 – The Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle & “Rappaccini’s Daughter” by Hawthorne

8 – Kurzgesagt’s Time: The History & Future of Everything

9 – Am I living up to my name? (Names, Birth, & Scars)

10 – Corona, Rust, Virus, Tulip, Flare, & Yellow

11 – Wendy Xu’s Tweet & Random Word Generator

12 – #NationalGrilledCheeseDay & This Idea

13 – Adrian Matejka’s Map to the Stars & Major Lazer’s Cold Water

14 – Random Classic Art Gallery & Death and the Maiden by Egon Schiele, 1915

15 – Star remnant from an old American flag & the current president

16 – Sherlock & the Grimm fairytale, Snow White

17 – Kelli Russell Agodon’s 30 Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month (Prompt #1) & Tumor by Anna Leahy

18 – Zen Rituals & the nature of smoke

19 – Ars Poetica // Writer’s Block (took 19 days for it to hit!)

20 – Seeing old friends after a long time

21 – I missed this day 😦

22 – Two-fer to make up for 21: Earth Day & travelling far from home

23 – Salamander in folklore and legend & the two definitions of Nebula

24 – Rosetta Probe GIF

25 – New Notebook from Target & “Dark Horoscope” by Libby Burton

26 – 👽 Alien Day 426

27 – How sunburn sneaks up on you

28 – Thalassophobia

29 – Centos using other poems’ titles

30 – The Last Day! Writing a “thank you, poetry” poem