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Happy Pride Month!

We need to protect LGBTQ+ persons in this country. Now is the time for visibility and support. There are so many amazing poets to read this month who identify as LGBTQ+ and I encourage you to read them and learn about their experiences and share their creative work. A few great LGBTQ+ poets (and this is an incomplete list, obviously): Eileen Myles, Danez Smith, Sappho, Saeed Jones, Adrienne Rich, Savannah Brown, Audre Lorde, … Just to name a few for you to check out!

Here’s a poem from Saeed Jones:

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The New Year

The new year brings hope for what we can accomplish. Resolutions are our way of acting on that hope. As a new mother, my writing life has been “back-burnered” for quite a while. However, I finally feel able to tackle my stack of to-be-read books and to-be-written poems.

Thankfully this semester I am teaching an advanced fiction class, and my conversations with the students are inspiring. While fiction isn’t my first-choice medium, I find myself inspired by their own ideas and works to tackle my insecurities about writing. The latest conversation about imposter syndrome and “writing what you know” was incredibly fruitful for us and we came back to what makes writing so important: the universality of human emotions. I think that’s where I am with writing too–how can I bring that universal joy, sorrow, light into my work.

Part of my new years resolutions also involve self-care and stepping away from social media. I still have a private IG account, but I have removed myself from other spheres and chosen to have this website as my primary place to share the good poetry news.

I hope that you’ll keep up with me here.

Happy writing.