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April 30, onward into poetry! Alas, poetry month comes to a close, and so do my daily writings. It’s been incredible to share different moments of poetry with you, and to be mindful of how poetry can enter each day. As the marathon posting comes to a close, I think of the good stuff we have to look forward to: summer readings and releases, time (for me) to work on manuscripts and next projects, (northern hemisphere) warm weather and sunshine. Each of these posts have included something near to my heart as both a writer and as a person and I hope that I have enriched your days with what I have shared, whether that’s turning you on to a new writer, reminding you to appreciate something in your life, or simply giving you a moment to yourself inspired by poetry. Let’s continue to appreciate great writing and the poetry of our everyday lives. Happy national poetry month, everyone! See you in May.

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