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Mini (Macro?) Inspirations

April 19, miniature inspiration. So yes, I know today was meant (at least in my head) to be tiny things that inspire me. But I’m throwing all that out and instead going for something everyday but expansive, the macro instead of the mini/micro. And it’s this sky. This beautiful pink April sky, the likes of which are so so rare. This is a summer sky and I got it in April. I feel so lucky to have seen it, by chance, stepping outside to add something to the garbage bin. So, please take this photo as offering for some tangential path toward inspiration.

national poetry month, poetry, Prompts


April 16, notebook.

I was going to include a picture of my writing notebook here, but I’m already in bed for the night typing this. And I’ll be honest, a lot of my poetry is now happening in digital spaces: on the notes app, on my laptop in Google Docs. I’ve become somewhat of a hybrid writer, both handwritten and digital spaces harbor poetry. I think that’s probably true for most poets, who offer up their work on whatever “device” they have handy. I do, of course, have a wonderful blue linen notebook gifted from a friend from my MFA program. I cracked it open three years ago and I am slowly filling it with each creative writing event I attend. And this coming weekend I’ll be pulling it out again for the Lit Cleveland Poetry Festival. Maybe I’ll see some of you locals there?

national poetry month, poetry, Prompts

TBR Pile

April 14, to-be-read pile. So, in all honesty about half of my bookshelves and my Kindle library are TBR piles. I have so many books to read that I have no business acquiring more! But, as a reader and writer the call of a new book is too hard to resist. Here are a few of the books I want to get through this year. I definitely have a few other half-dead poetry books lying around the house, but this TBR pile is a mix. The next book I’m cracking open is Maggie Smith’s You Could Make This Place Beautiful because she is coming to Northeast Ohio in May!

national poetry month, poetry, Prompts

Spooky Poem

April 13, spooky poem. Yes, I know it’s not Halloween, but can’t we enjoy something spooky every once and a while? I’ve got so many favorite spooky poems, The Raven by Poe, Song by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Diorama of Ghosts by Paige Lewis, and my favorite spooky collection, AT NIGHT by Lisa Ciccarello (preview pictured here). But my right-now favorite spooky poem is Ghost Q&A by Anne Carson, which was published in A Public Space magazine issue 13. I’ve included part of the poem here (because it’s behind a subscriber paywall at the magazine, you can Google to find the whole poem). Enjoy!

national poetry month, poetry, Prompts

Everyday Poetry

April 11, everyday poetry. The simple, small, the tasks we do everyday, the moments we take for granted. It’s a look out the window, the shape of our hands in soapy sink water, the arch of our backs to pick up this toy or that discarded sock. The hands we hold, the faces we wash, the steps we take. Poetry can be found here.

Daffodil Hill, Lakeview Cemetery, 2023.
national poetry month, poetry, Prompts

Animal Inspiration

April 10, animal inspiration. The natural world is such a huge inspiration for me right now. Mostly the spindly, thin, terrifying miniature world of insects and plants. I am fascinated by the description of decay and the life that exists there. However, as if to reinforce my craft, I find viewing images of this stuff makes me weak and queasy! So I just stick to reading about it and transforming that data into my work. On the other side of inspiration, I live with an animal: my dog Ripley. She is such a good pup, and she matches my energy perfectly. Most of the day she spends lazing, with spurts of energy to play or chase squirrels in the yard. I hope to continue to enjoy life like she does.

Ripley enjoying the summer heat!