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Outdoor Inspiration

April 3, taking a walk with my children. The joy of discovery on my son’s face as he finds a pinecone or acorn top or a rock half-buried in dirt. That is the wonder I wish I could capture. A poem is a small moment of discovery but every day is filled with those moments for my children and that is extraordinary. The natural world is filled with beauty and decay and incredible wonder. We watched a hickory seed shell float down the stream. We tossed sticks in and watched them meander like little boats. We dug into the dirt to find three big rocks. Nothing else is like this. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

The Bahamas, October 2019
On a hike in Ravenna, Ohio, 2016
Walden Pond, June 2016
Somewhere in Germany, June 2011
Dirt discovery, February 2023

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