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Happy National Poetry Month!

Happy national poetry month!

I’m doing a list of prompts for this month, posting once a day!

Here’s the list of prompts if you want to join me:

1. Poetry Collection
2. Children’s poem
3. Outdoor inspiration
4. Poetry family
5. Workshopping
6. Blackout Poem
7. Stellar inspiration
8. Favorite poet right now
9. Work in Progress
10. Animal inspiration
11. Everyday poetry
12. Haiku
13. Spooky poem
14. TBR pile
15. Field guide poem
16. Notebook
17. Favorite poem right now
18. Oldies
19. Miniature inspiration
20. Water
21. Published poem
22. Collage
23. Annotated poem
24. Hybrid
25. Favorite word right now
26. Ekphrastic
27. Poem in your pocket
28. Inspiring Quote
29. Sonnet
30. Onward

Academy of American Poets National Poetry Month 2023 poster, featuring excerpt from Ada Limon’s poetry.

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